Americano Coffee Lounge finds comfort in the simplicity of yesteryear. We serve classic coffee drinks (lattes, espressos, brewed coffee, and of course, americanos) and a light but tasty food menu within friendly confines denoted by comfortable furniture and handmade touches guaranteed to intrigue as well as please (check out our menu).

There are a few reasons why the word “Lounge” appears in our name. One motivator was a deliberate desire to separate the Americano Coffee Lounge from coffee shops and cafes: the type of places that patrons tend to frequent between the hours of 6am - 4pm, usually with the intent of completing a work-related task and never long enough to soak up some ambience. We envision our place as one that people will want to visit at all times of day or night, enjoying our small but memorable corner of an undeniably up-and-coming neighborhood.

Our owners, are definitely more “lounge” than “shop”. Cody Pellerin was once a touring musician who wiled away his downtime in coffee shops from Texarkana to Tempe. During these repasts he spent hundreds of hours mentally mapping out plans for his own place, and one thing he was sure of is that he’d spent enough time in coffee shops. 

Against the warm, eclectic backdrop that is the Americano Coffee Lounge, we expect that people of all persuasions will find a home here: morning cyclers, afternoon power-lunchers and early music lovers looking to recharge their batteries before heading out for one more song.

OUR Neighborhood

Wedgewood Houston (or WeHo) has been called a lot of things: revitalized, trendy, up and coming, a work in progress – but one thing it’s never been called is dull. In fact, we’re just as excited about opening our doors and joining the existing cadre of cool bars, restaurants, and coffee shops near Wedgewood-Houston as we are about meeting our diverse neighbors: distillers, brewers, artists, musicians, all manner of creative souls putting WeHo on the map.

We look forward to seeing you this summer. In the meantime, check out our menu, delight in our Instagram page, and bone up on the colorful history of Houston Station.

Americano Coffee Lounge
434 Houston St #120
Nashville, TN 37203

(NOTICE: Google Maps may take you to the wrong location. We are located on houston street directly next to Bastion and across the street from Jackalope brewing company-the Ranch. This issue is currently being fixed.)